Join Us for a Chat About Transliteracy: #engchat November 22

I’d like to invite anyone who has an interest in literacy to join us at #engchat on Twitter Monday, November 22 at 7PM for an hour-long Twitter conversation about transliteracy. Here are some questions we’ll throw out for discussion:

1.  What is transliteracy?  Is the concept new, and if so, how does it differ from how we view multiple literacies (digital, new media, information)?

2.  How do position statements and definitions like those from NCTE—the Position Statement on Multimodal Literacies and the Policy Brief on 21st Century Literacies—inform our understanding of transliteracy?

3.  Why and how we might privilege transliteracy  in K12 and higher education classrooms as well as academic, public, and school libraries?  How does the changing information landscape lend itself to cultivating transliteracy for learners of all ages?

4.  Other questions–please feel free to bring your own questions for exploration to the conversation!

Here are a few selected readings to get you thinking:

Everyone is invited to join in this conversation–please join us at 7PM EST Monday, November 22 on Twitter!

Advocacy for Libraries and Librarians: The Twitter Petition

If you are someone who is active on Twitter, consider signing the Twitter petition ignited by Lisa Layera of the Washington Moms to help advocate for funding to support certified teacher librarians trained in technology integration, 1:1 computing, and broadband access for American schoolchildren.


More Research Pathfinder 2.0 and Social Media: Travel Across the USA

My latest research pathfinder, Travel Across America USA, came together rather quickly, but it is one of my favorites to date.  Although I did not get to collaborate as much as I had hoped with the teacher on the project as of this evening, I feel confident we will conference next week and make any adjustments that may be needed since we have worked together, and he is really enthusiastic about using Google Docs and now moving on to Google Sites.

In this project, the students essentially must research and collect information about travel destinations between Juneau, Alaska and Key West , Florida.   You can see the requirements on the pathfinder page, but students are responsible for collecting multiple forms of data and representing it in an interesting and meaningful way.   I think the use of Google Docs (the presentation and spreadsheet tools) , Google Sites, and Google Maps can be instrumental in this project!  I am hopeful that I can confirm we will be using all three sets of tools to embed content and showcase the student projects.

This research pathfinder incorporates some of my favorite forms of social media:

  • A widget featuring a travel guide via Google Books
  • RSS feeds from Frommer’s and Lonely Planet Twitter accounts
  • RSS feeds for blogs from these two travel powerhouses
  • RSS feeds for travel podcasts and vodcasts
  • Widgets featuring Flickr photo group pools sponsored from Frommer’s and Lonely Planet
  • The use of “kwout” to highlight key websites that can be helpful for the assignment
  • A Google Map I created to show some of the travel destinations I would choose if I were doing the assignment to model how students might use Google Maps; in addition, I have provided links to tutorials although students will have to use some of the instructional videos at home since they are embedded from YouTube
  • An iTunes iMix of “travel music” created by National Geographic music (fun!)

I find it incredibly exciting to create a pathfinder that integrates so much social media to help students see how helpful and fun these resources can be.    What else would you add to this pathfinder?  Your suggestions are welcome!