A few years ago while working on my Ed.S. at UGA, I took EDIT 7500, Digital Storytelling.  At that time, we played with blogs and wikis as part of our exploration of ways to tell stories using multlimedia.  I could not have foreseen the Web 2.0 explosion that is happening right before our eyes in education!  As most of you know, I am totally in love with blogs as an educational tool, but now I am discovering all kinds of other great Web 2.0 tools that I hope to incorporate into my collaborative planning with you during 2007-08.

One of the more established Web 2.0 tools, the wiki, can be a great medium for sharing and collaboration.  While public education seems to be a little slow to jump on the Wiki train, higher education is all over the Wiki mania.  Check out this library wiki:  http://wiki.lib.uconn.edu/wiki/Main_Page .

There are also many professional wikis out there that can inspire us to think of creative and meaningful ways to use Wikis and Web 2.0 technologies in our classrooms.  Two of my favorites are the Classroom 2.0 Wiki and the Information Fluency Wiki.

I would love to collaborate with faculty members to incorporate a class wiki as part of a project or even your regular instruction.  If you are interested, please see me or drop me an email! 

As a teaser, check out this video from Teacher Tube called Wikis in Plain English.  This video provides a simple yet effective overview of the principles of a Wiki.

Also, if you want a more general overview of Web 2.0 tools, check out this great presentation on SlideShare: