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Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Fleet attended the 2007 Georgia Council of Media Organizations Conference (COMO) at lovely Jekyll Island from October 17-19 last week.  Highlights of the conference included but were not limited to:

  • “Motivational Programs Inspiring Students to Read”,  Chad Crews
  • “What Grabs a Patron’s Eye—Eye Catching Displays”, Tim Wojcik
  • “Cool Free Tools”, Jennifer Link Jones, Georgia State University Librarian
  • “United Streaming Meets the iPod Generation”, Craig Coleman
  • “Authors of Mystery and Horror”, Chad Crews
  • “Whose Truth Is It Anyway?  Wikipedia in the World of Information Literacy”, Dera Weaver and Steve Piazza

When we were not browsing the latest and greatest products from a dazzling array of library vendors or learning the coolest new trends in information literacy, Mrs. Fleet and Mrs. Hamilton enjoyed the natural beauty of Jekyll’s pristine beaches and sand dunes. 

We look forward to integrating our new knowledge we gained from this conference into our library program later this year!