Today marks the debut of a new interface from YALSA!  Check out the welcome message from the blog!

Welcome to YALSA’s new blog. We changed blogging software (we are now using WordPress) and are working with an entirely new design. The new interface gives YALSA bloggers new features to make their blogging even better. This includes integration of tags, images, and links. Over the next few weeks we may make a few changes to what you see on the blog pages. The primary interface however is ready for public consumption.

To subscribe to the YALSA blog via RSS click on the Subscribe RSS link in the far-right sidebar. Or, simply put this URL,, in your RSS reader. You can also receive blog updates via Twitter by following YALSA at .

This blog is a valuable resource for librarians and teacheres who work with young adults and who love YA lit!  Surf over and explore the great new design!

YALSA via kwout