While I received an email notice about this nearly a month ago, this afternoon is the first time I’ve taken the opportunity to watch this wonderful sneak preview of the new and improved EBSCOhost 2.0 interface!  Be sure to take some time to view this Flash video that will give you a guided tour of the new EBSCOhost 2.0!

As you know, we are fortunate to have access to many of the high quality EBSCOhost databases through GALILEO, but now these databases will have several new features that make the databases even more searchable while offering patrons more options for personalizing content delivery.  The new look and features make the database look like an information portal in the vein of Pageflakes! 

If you are a librarian, you can visit the awesome EBSCOhost 2.0 Support Center to prepare and familiarize yourself with this very cool new interface!  Be sure to use the tabs at the top of the page to browse the treasure trove of training materials available.  You will an array of helpful resources, including:

  • a rollout timeline
  • screenshots you can incorporate into training materials
  • a PowerPoint highlighting the new features
  • Flyers and posters you can customize to promote the new interface to your patrons











In addition to the EBSCOhost 2.0 Support Center, you can go to the EBSCOhost 2.0 Information site to get detailed information on all of the new features.  I think the new changes are definitely going to make these databases more user-friendly and more appealing to our users!   

Finally, visit http://support.ebscohost.com/ebscohost2/training.php to sign up for a free webinar to get your first wave of training!  The new interface should be available to most users in July 2008, so now is the time to start planning ahead for how you will use this database with your patrons in 2008-09.   I am truly excited about this new “facelift” for our EBSCOhost databases!