Many thanks to everyone who has dropped an e-note to check on me in recent weeks!  Thankfully, my blog silence is not due to the severe weather that has hammered Georgia and my county in recent weeks.  Instead, other major distractions have kept me away from my blog:  end of year library inventory and winding down the school year with my 10th and 11th English classes at Polaris Evening School.  While I give the illusion of being a distant relative of the Energizer Bunny :-), I have actually been rather tired the last two weeks and have felt all the hard work of this past school year catching up with me.  What little time I’ve had at home has been spent napping, visiting family and friends, feathering my 1950s nest, or spoiling the dachshunds.

However, I am recharging my batteries, and I will be back with some new blog posts next week!  Thanks to everyone for the care and concern.  🙂 

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a relaxing, safe, and fun Memorial Day weekend!