Teacher Suspended For Using Banned Book

Watch and see what you think….it sounds like to me the school board is using the “insubordination” factor to draw attention away from the issue of censoring a book that they have seemingly have judged solely on its language rather than the merits and message of the text….

Incidentally, we have this book in my library…we had several requests from kids to buy it after they saw the movie.

Lifehacker: “The Books That Changed Your Lives”


Book Recommendations: The Books That Changed Your Lives

OK…I know I just blogged one book list, but here is another one you will enjoy from Lifehacker:  “The Books That Changed Your Lives.”   Take a look at this list that is based on input from 250+ comments from Lifehacker readers and see what you think….a short summary and link to Amazon reviews are provided to help you explore these texts. 

What books have changed your life and why/how?

Entertainment Weekly Names The Top 100 Books of The Last 25 Years


The New Classics: Books | EW 1000: Books | Books | The EW 1000 | Entertainment Weekly

Bibliophiles always seem to love chewing on yet another book list, and Entertainment Weekly provides us more fodder in their newly released “Top 100 Books of the Last 25 Years”.  Or as Phil Kloer, AJC book reviewer, points out, “Everyone loves lists prepared by magazine editors or bloggers or the like. Not the actual lists, but the act of reading them and reacting to them.”

Take a look at the Entertainment Weekly list available at http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20207076_20207387_20207349,00.html.  What do you think?  Do you agree with these lists?  Disagree?  What would you put on the list?  Are you inspired to read or find out more about any of these titles?

I’ll open the discussion by saying I disagree with nearly every bit of EW’s top 10!  I definitely would have placed A Prayer for Owen Meany much higher.  My big question:  Where is The English Patient in this list?!?!?

My Resource Page for Teaching Multigenre Research Papers



Multigenre Research Projects Summer 2008, Buffy Hamilton via kwout

It is a work in progress, and it will have to be moved in a few weeks as our district moves from FrontPage to Sharepoint (boo hoo!), but here is my current resource page on teaching the multigenre paper.


Here you will find:

  • My handouts in PDF format
  • Blog reflections from the students
  • Sample papers written by real high school students 🙂
  • My favorite resources on teaching and learning with multigenre papers

While I have dabbled with this project with short stories, this is the first full scale effort I have completed with a general research topic.  I would like to do a full scale project of this nature with a novel next year…it is just hard sometimes with my night school pumpkins, especially with the EOCT course, because of the time factor.  However, I am really pleased with my efforts this summer, and I already have ideas on what I will do again, and what I will do to make this project even better!

I need a few days to clear my mind, rest, and reflect before I write my final blog post about this research experience.  However, I can say that I highly recommend it!  I will be writing more soon on what I feel that my students and I learned from this research experience.