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Bibliophiles always seem to love chewing on yet another book list, and Entertainment Weekly provides us more fodder in their newly released “Top 100 Books of the Last 25 Years”.  Or as Phil Kloer, AJC book reviewer, points out, “Everyone loves lists prepared by magazine editors or bloggers or the like. Not the actual lists, but the act of reading them and reacting to them.”

Take a look at the Entertainment Weekly list available at,,20207076_20207387_20207349,00.html.  What do you think?  Do you agree with these lists?  Disagree?  What would you put on the list?  Are you inspired to read or find out more about any of these titles?

I’ll open the discussion by saying I disagree with nearly every bit of EW’s top 10!  I definitely would have placed A Prayer for Owen Meany much higher.  My big question:  Where is The English Patient in this list?!?!?