meeting1Take a peek at my wiki to see my notes from today’s district media specialists’ meeting—the focus or theme was making sure everyone was familiar with resources for accessing district and Georgia Performance Standards; we also looked at how we can align those standards to the AASL Standards for the 21 Century Learner. In addition to these topics, we discussed best practices by grade level (elementary, middle, high), and we also heard guest speaker Carson Ray of the Sequoyah Regional Library System. Carson is our contact person for Teen and Children’s Services, and I am always appreciative of her efforts to work with us in the public schools.

I was a bit stunned to learn the powers that be of the Sequoyah Regional Library System feel they do not need a social networking presence since the filter they are required to use blocks MySpace. This distorted logic is disturbing to me as it sounds like the leadership is a bit clueless as to the direction libraries are going in this century! I will be writing a letter of support to the board asking for the library system to jump into Library 2.0 by adding a blog and Facebook and/or My Space pages to reach out to patrons of all ages and to better stream information to patrons.

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I also had the opportunity to talk about how we use as part of our library program, so surf over to to see my resources.