I am interested in exploring reasons as to why teachers may not use the media center. If you would, please take a moment and participate in these one question polls! Thank you for your assistance.

If you choose “other”, please take a moment to indicate your reason so that we can have the most helpful data possible.


5 thoughts on “Surveys for Teachers: Obstacles to Library Use

  1. You ladies do an awesome job at providing resources and assistance to our students as well as to the staff. I just get stuck in my habitual lessons when I really just need to have someone make me use other resources.


  2. Hi Chad! Thanks for the feedback! We are a 9-12 high school of about 1600 students and 100+ faculty. I am going to muse and ruminate on my data, and I hope to post a blog about the results the week of November 24! Thank you for reading my blog!


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