Must See Webcasts: Smithsonian Future of Libraries Series

Thanks to the Smithsonian Libraries Facebook fan page, I have found three great lectures I plan to watch during my holiday vacation!

I feel these webinars are of interest to all librarians whatever your area of specialty may be as these webinars address how Web 2.0 tools, the Internet, and social networking are impacting the access and sharing of information and knowledge.  Get a cup of hot chocolate, your laptop, and tune in!

This lectures are  part of the series on the future of libraries, museums and archives given in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.  They are sponsored by Smithsonian Institution Libraries, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, and Smithsonian Institution Archives.

Smithsonian Libraries Web 2.0 Presence!

Are you fan of Smithsonian Libraries?  If so, check out their Web 2.0 and social networking presence!

Georgia Government 2.0

You may already be familiar with the wealth of information at the official website of Georgia state government, but did you know your state government has a Web 2.0 presence?

Check out these cool Web 2.0 resources to be an active citizen in Georgia!