Our clerk, Tammy Beasley, came up with a stroke of genius today that I want to share with you!

Many of you face the challenge of having enough computers at lunch and then trying to keep track of when one is open on top of the million other things you do during lunch periods, especially when you are trying to help classes and lunch patrons.  Tammy has devised the following system:

• Issue a computer number “ticket” for each computer station
• As students come in with their lunch passes, issue tickets to students who need computers.
• If you run out of computer tickets, create x number of “waiting for a computer tickets” and number those. We are going with 5 for now.
• When students finish with their computer, they turn in their computer ticket to a media staff member (someone at circulation desk is best).
• The media staff member then can call out, “Ticket #1, come up for your computer station”—sort of like numbers they give you when you are waiting at the Social Security office or something akin to that. You then give them an actual computer ticket # and take up their waiting number.

I have created a template you are welcome to use and/or modify; just email me at buffy.hamilton@cherokee.k12.ga.us for a copy.   Kudos to Tammy Beasley, our fabulous and inventive clerk!!!!