jekyllI am thrilled to share some wonderful news with all of you today:  all three of my conference proposals were accepted for the Georgia Council of Teachers of English Conference, “Riding the Waves of 21st Century English Language Arts Classroom:  Where Multiple Literacies Converge”.  The conference, will be held at Jekyll Island February 5-7; my three conference presentations will include:

  • “Making Research Relevant:  Multigenre Research Papers” which feature my work as a media specialist and English teacher in incorporating multigenre research into the classroom.  This session will be Saturday, 9:00 AM in Room 13.
  • “Research Pathfinders 2.0:  Information Streams for Student Research”—this session will be at 4:00 PM on Friday, February 6 in Room 2.
  • “YA Lit 2.0: How Web 2.0 is Reaching Teen Readers’ will be held on Friday, February 6 at 8:30 AM in Room 12.

I will be posting my presentation materials in the next few weeks as everything starts to come together for the conference!  I am honored to be a presenter at this conference!