The Power of the Personal Learning Network: Twitter

While much debate continues as to whether Twitter is something useful or a waste of time, I have found Twitter to be invaluable part of my personal learning network.  I have gleaned so many ideas in the last year from fellow librarian Tweeps as well as non-librarian Tweeps that have enriched my life and truly helped my professional growth.

I’d like to share a prime example of how my Twitter PLN has been a major help to me in the last 24 hours.  Yesterday afternoon at 1: 11 PM EST, I Tweeted,

Looking for works of fic./nonfic to teens about issues in Africa today—genocide, AIDS, envt., women, etc. Suggestions for lit circles?”

as I was trying to build a novel list for literature circles that will piggyback on my Media 21 Capstone project for 2009-10. Because this part of the project didn’t evolve until yesterday as my collaborating teacher and I conversed via email, I needed a potential list of fiction and nonfiction books quickly to make my capstone project deadlines this week. Within minutes, I began receiving responses! Twitter friends,,,, and came to my aid and began sharing recommendations and resource lists.


By this morning, I had an amazing body of suggestions that absolutely astounded my collaborating teacher, Ms. Susan Lester. She said, “How on earth did you get all these fabulous book suggestions so fast?” Of course, I extolled the virtues of Twitter!

So for those of you who think Twitter is pure fluff, I ask you to reconsider. I could have never developed the menu of books for our project without the wisdom and expertise of my Twitter PLN! I would like to thank everyone who so graciously and generously offered their assistance—thank you for the instrumental role you have played in helping me add another dimension to my Media 21 Capstone Project that we hope to pilot in August 09!

Media 21 Capstone Proposal: Rough Draft

Other than pricing for some novel sets and confirming my Loti score from December 2007, I have completed the first rough draft of my Media 21 Capstone proposal.  In this project, media specialists are to find creative, innovative, and meaningful ways to integrate instruction on copyright/fair use, authoritative sources, search strategies, and website (and in my book, all information source) evaluation.

While I cannot include my literature review at this time, I have included my first rough draft of my proposal at;  you can also see a YouTube video and my bookmarks that inform my proposal.  I am waiting for peer review before submitting the official proposal by noon this Friday, April 3.  If you as readers have any feedback, please let me know as I welcome all constructive criticism!

Library Secrets

After reading Jennifer Sippel’s guest post on the ACRL Conference blog, (via Google Reader) I decided to check out Library Secrets.  I like what I saw so much that I contacted the library through Flickr mail and asked permission to use their ideas to create my own Library Secretes flyers, bookmarks, and images to generate interest in the media center.  They graciously said “yes”—many, many thanks!—a few days ago, but today is the first chance I’ve had to play around with my own ideas.

Here is sample poster/flyer 1—more are to come!  I created this using Publisher and Picnik—very easy!  The photography is by me—these are actual Unquiet Library students who graciously donated their time!  I am working on more posters featuring students and teachers, so stay tuned!  Also, here are my resources bookmarked for this project: