After reading Jennifer Sippel’s guest post on the ACRL Conference blog, (via Google Reader) I decided to check out Library Secrets.  I like what I saw so much that I contacted the library through Flickr mail and asked permission to use their ideas to create my own Library Secretes flyers, bookmarks, and images to generate interest in the media center.  They graciously said “yes”—many, many thanks!—a few days ago, but today is the first chance I’ve had to play around with my own ideas.

Here is sample poster/flyer 1—more are to come!  I created this using Publisher and Picnik—very easy!  The photography is by me—these are actual Unquiet Library students who graciously donated their time!  I am working on more posters featuring students and teachers, so stay tuned!  Also, here are my resources bookmarked for this project: