After rereading Michael Wesch’s post, “On How We Run Our Class”, I have decided that I will definitely be going with these tools for building and feeding our “information commons” with Ms. Lester’s classes this fall:

  • Yahoo Pipes will allow me to aggregate the blog posts from each student as well as the feed for comments for each of those student blogs to our class Netvibes portal.
  • Netvibes: While I love Pageflakes and feel more comfortable with it than Netvibes, I think Netvibes may be more stable.  In addition, I have seen other educators using this medium instead of Pageflakes for this kind of project, so I am going to give Netvibes a try.
  • Wetpaint Wikis: while I love Wikispaces for myself, I think Wetpaint is going to better lend itself to our class projects because it offers more features.  I like that you can create the “to do” tasks; I also like the social bookmarking tool at the bottom of pages.  The interface also looks a little sleeker and more contemporary, which might appeal more to high school students.   Like Wikispaces, Wetpaint offers a free ad-free upgrade.  See screenshots below:

    Collaborative Research Proposal – Digital Ethnography via kwout

    I am excited about trying out these new tools and working through my learning curve this summer.  Mrs. Lester and I will be playing with these tools together and organizing the infrastructure so that we can hit the ground running as soon as possible.