Although I have space on my SharePoint site to archive my learning artifacts for my Media 21 portfolio and Capstone Project, I am creating some additional spaces to reflect my thinking, planning, and implementation.  Here are two new spaces I have created in the last 24 hours:

Netvibes Portal

In the spirit of my earlier posts ( here AND here)  that built on Helene Blowers’ concept of “play”, I have created a Netvibes portal page with a bubbles them—so far, I am pulling in my Wetpaint Wiki RSS feed, my blog, my bookmarks for the project, and my shared items in Google Reader.  I’ll be adding additional resources that inform my thinking for this project.

Media 21 Capstone Project via kwout

Wetpaint Planning Wiki

This is the planning space Mrs.  Lester and I will use to plan our project and to get familiar with the Wetpaint interface before we use it with the students!

Class Tools to Create and Build – Media 21 Capstone Project Planning Page via kwout

My proposal page is still housed here although I will probably replicate it on Wetpaint.  I am excited about new spaces for play, learning, and growth as I begin my great adventure for my Media 21 project!