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Here are some new possible layers/options I am thinking about adding to my Media 21 Capstone Project for 2009-10:

  • After reading Wendy Drexler’s blog post, “Crowd Re(Sourcing)”, I am thinking about introducing Zotero to our students.   I’m trying to figure out where, if at all, Zotero might fit into our class wiki, class Diigo account, and possibly a course delicious account.  I’m also wondering how it might complement NoodleTools.  I like the idea everything would be transparent in one place.  I would need to test to see if students would have rights to fully use it; right now, they do not have access to Firefox (sniff!).
  • New Twitter friend also suggested I check out Mendeley as well.
  • Evernote is also an option still on the table.

Clearly, Mrs. Lester and I have some playing around to do and decision making to do in a few weeks.  If any of you have experience in using these with high school students, I welcome your feedback!

Two other new ideas:

  • I am thinking Susan and I should each blog the whole process of working through this unit to chronicle our ups, downs, challenges, and insights from our experiences.  They might be helpful to anyone else who decides to approach information literacy in this manner.
  • I would like for students to present their projects—not just the content, but to also share their insights as to how all the research tools and social media we’re going to be using worked or did not work for them.

What do you all think about these two additional layers?  Suggestions?  Other ideas?