I can’t help but celebrate the arrival of our new lounge furniture this past Wednesday!  While we already had some areas of comfortable lounge seating (purchased by my principal, Dr. Eddy our first year), the need for additional comfortable lounge seating has increased in the last two years with our ever-growing usage.

One of the benefits and reasons for doing the shelving remix this past spring was to be able to remove the excessive large shelving that was sucking up precious floor space in what I call the “commons” or “main floor area.”  After the shelves were repurposed in our school, I dreamed all spring  of cozy lounge furniture and extra tables for our students.

Thanks to the coffee shop program that will be coming to the library this fall and to my local account that consists of donations from our PTA and fine monies, I was able to get enough furniture to make the vision come to life this summer!  While I still want some additional rugs, lamps, and perhaps one or two more pieces of furniture, I am thrilled with what we have acquired this summer.  I cannot wait to see the students’ faces on Monday!

You can see the photos in larger view by visiting my Flickr photoset.

For more ideas on what makes a great library space, I urge you to check out Cathy Nelson’s amazing wiki page called “Today’s Library”—lots of terrific ideas here compiled by her and other librarians as to what works and what doesn’t in the 21st century school library space!

A special thanks to my Brian Aaron, owner of Woodstock Furniture Outlet, and his staff for helping us with our furniture selection and speedy delivery!