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Most of you are familiar with the awesome Geek the Library campaign that began a few months ago to help promote the importance of public libraries (and in my opinion, all libraries) and the funding issues they are facing in these difficult economic times.  Not only do they have an amazing interactive website, but you can find Geek The Library on Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook!

While browsing the latest additions from Flickr contacts (which does include Geek The Library on Flickr!), I got inspiration for some ways to incorporate the Geek the Library advocacy strategy at The Unquiet Library!

Idea 1

These photos from the Geek the Library event at the Iowa State Fair have inspired me to create a bulletin board and to invite our students (and teachers, too!) to scribble what they geek!

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

We could use this as a fun way to get people to share ideas and to also make sure we have materials on the topics that speak to our patrons’ hearts.  It would also be fun to photograph patrons holding books we have that reflect what they “geek”!  Sadly, there are no more old chalkboards around, and I don’t have a prime spot to throw down some chalkboard paint, but I think black butcher paper with red glitter trim will do the trick!  All we need is a box of chalk, and we are good to go!  Fun, cheap, and patron centered!

It might also be fun to get some sidewalk chalk and with the permission of our administration, have an event in which students could write in the courtyard across from the library what they “geek”!   Thanks to my friend Andy Woodworth for the sidewalk chalk promotion inspiration!

Idea 2

I would like to enlist the help of some of our teachers and personal friends who excel at photography to do some photo shoots with the “Geek the Library” theme  for our Unquiet Library Flickr account and to create posters to put up around the school.

I think it would also be cool to enlist the help of Ashley Estapa’s video production students to create videos like these for our Unquiet Library YouTube Channel!

YouTube – geekthelibrary’s Channel via kwout

Idea 3

I’m going to use the “personalize” option not just to create a snazzy new email signature (see below) and some new web headers…



but I also am going to purchase some customized gear—I think I will start with the stickers!

Geek The Library Gear | via kwout

I think these are all fun, inexpensive, and effective ways to raise our library’s profile in our school and community.   I will be sharing updates as I get these ideas rolling and bring them to life @ The Unquiet Library!

Geek on!