I have been a huge fan of the “shared items” in Google Reader for several months now.  Until about five minutes ago, though, I didn’t think there was a way to publicly share my favorite feeds for specific folders/labels within Google Reader.  I just stumbled upon the fact that you CAN share individual folders, and you can even create a blogroll for those folders to put on your website or webpage!

I may be the last person to discover these cool features of Google Reader, but just in case I am not, here are two cool tricks I’ve learned through sheer luck this morning!

Share Individual Folders/Labels in Google Reader

  • Go to your settings in Googler Reader.
  • Click on “Folders and Tags.”
  • You can click on the little RSS symbol (it looks like waves) to toggle that folder from private to public.


  • Once you have toggled the folder to be shared publicly, you can then view your page, email that link to someone, add a clip to your site, or even create a blogroll!  YES! Just click on the option you would like, and you can grab the code to embed that sharing feature in your blog, web page, or wiki.


googlereader3These are great ways to share specific feeds in your Google Reader account with your friends and colleagues!