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One of the most inspiring pieces of writing I have ever encountered just came into my Google Reader today:  “Death by Risk Aversion – A TTW Guest Post by Stephen Walker” at Michael Stephens’ most excellent Tame the Web blog.

I urge you to take time to read this outstanding post in its entirety, but here is my favorite excerpt:

One must be creative, willing to try what nobody else has (perhaps either due to prudence or a sense of self-preservation). Put another way, one must have vision and a willingness to communicate that vision; and act upon it.

The A librarian must be a person of conviction, believing in what he does. Idealism brings fuel to this, and his reach exceeds his grasp. Not only does he have great aspirations, but he seeks to consistently inspire and help others through providing a supportive atmosphere. He remains upbeat, especially when the going gets rough and the temptation to react negatively is great.

His place is not in the majority, but the minority. He must have courage, willing to rock the boat good and hard, regardless of potential criticism from colleagues, administrators, or who have you; although disturbing for the sake of disturbing should be avoided.

Suppose despite his efforts there is active or passive resistance from others, as when nobody pays attention to his best endeavors and continues to act in the same old way. He must not give in to discouragement—this is somewhat of an understandable, but perhaps evasive and lazy reaction.

The A librarian has resilience and a positive outlook. To him all job data is at worst neutral and at best an opportunity to transform or improve. Data examples could range from the budget and client behavior to usage statistics and room temperature.

I think that also an A librarian should find fun in what he does.

Do these qualities describe you?