Home (Give Them Something To Talk About: Infusing Library 2.0 Into Your Instruction and Web Presence) via kwout

You can check out my presentation website for my Internet@ Schools West 2009 presentation by clicking on this link.  This website represents my presentation medium, including the supporting slidedeck and resources for each pivot point for change.



4 thoughts on “Internet@Schools West 2009 Presentation Resources

  1. Your site/presentation is such a great tool for librarians thinking of what to do next with technology. In the midst of so many changes in our field, you really demonstrate how 2.0 tools can extend and enhance our service. I love how you relate everything to our traditional services/lessons. Bravo – I love this!


    1. Elisabeth:

      Thank you so much for your encouragement! I hope I will be able to do the same next week at AASL as I hope to show how the framework of participatory librarianship shapes the decision making process in what I do and how that supports the AASL Standards.

      Thank YOU for being an inspiration to me!



  2. Buffy,

    What tremendous courage and bravado you showed by proposing a session at a workshop when you knew you would have to confront this fear to get there!

    And thank you for sharing it aloud with all of your readers. It gives all of us courage for those little battles we face.


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