As a librarian who subscribes to a philosophy of participatory librarianship, I want to alert you to the 2nd Annual National Listening Day that will be celebrated Friday, November 27, 2009!  What is National Listening Day about?

On the day after Thanksgiving, set aside one hour to record a conversation with someone important to you. You can interview anyone you choose: an older relative, a friend, a teacher, or someone from the neighborhood.

What a wonderful opportunity to create conversations and to learn by listening to others!  Not only have I pledged to listen to and record my parents, but I am also pledging to continue to listen and record the conversations and stories of students and teachers in my library.    If you need some ideas or help getting started, check out the “how to” page that gives you ideas for questions and tips for participating; if you are an educator or someone who may be doing a large scale community project, this page will also provide you a resource guide you can download for free.

Here is a wonderful opportunity to connect and create through conversations and story!