As the semester draws to a close, I’m doing some preliminary planning with some of my English teachers for next semester.  We are interested in working with another teacher and/or librarian who might be willing to help facilitate some co-learning and collaborative discussions via class blogs and/or Skype during the second semester of January 2010.  We are also open to the use of other forms of social media, such as Nings or Twitter, to facilitate conversations and inquiry around texts.  I am also very comfortable with using CoverItLive for liveblogging!

Here are the classes and common readings my teachers are doing:

  • Mr. Bradford, 9th Literature/Composition Honors:  Night, January 2010; Romeo and Juliet, February 2010
  • Mr. Bradford, 11th Literature/Composition:  Readings from the Realism period in American Literature, January 2010 and The Red Badge of Courage
  • Ms. Orfale, 10th Literature/Composition, Honors:  Dante’s Inferno, January 2010; Hamlet, February 2010

While this project has inspired (and also see this terrific additional account!)our call for collaborative partners, we are open to other ideas.  Please email me at buffy.hamilton at if you are interested in collaborating with us across the miles!