Internet filtering policies are a significant area of concern and frustration for school library media specialists across the country.   How can school library media specialists create a participatory culture of conversation with filtering policy decision makers?   How can we as school library media specialists become a voice of leadership in our efforts to provide equitable access to web-based information sources?  In this webinar, we’ll explore the reasons for the current state of restrictive filtering policies and discuss concrete strategies for effectively challenging and changing filtering policies.

Join us on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 for the ISTE-SIGMS webinar on “Fight the Filter” at 8 pm E.S.T.   Join the discussion before and after the presentation to share your ideas on the pros and cons of Internet filters and what we as school library media specialists can do to provide our students access to the services and information they need to be successful 21st century learners.

You might want to look at the following websites for additional background information:…………

Use the following questions as a starting point for your response to the discussion:

  • Does your school or district utilize an Internet filter?
  • What do you consider the pros of the filter?
  • What do you consider the cons of the filter?
  • Do you ever need to find ways to work around the filters? How do you do this?
  • What do you think are the best ways to balance Internet safety for our students while protecting our Freedom of Speech?

Then join the webinar on January 13, 2010 at 8 pm E.S.T.!  Directions to join the SIGMS webinar event:
1. Check that your computer is set up for Adobe Connect by visiting
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2. Use this URL to enter the webinar room 10 – 15 minutes before
starting time:
4. Here is a link to a Visual Quick Start guide (pdf) to help you if this is your first webinar event.