Library Day in the Life Round 4, January 2010 | Librarian by Day via kwout

We school librarians sometimes bemoan that, in spite of our best efforts to be transparent, people don’t really know what we do, whether it be the people in our own building, our fellow librarians in other areas, or the general public at large.    I want to alert you about an exceptional event that is taking place this month that can provide us a prime opportunity to capture what a day in our lives as school librarians is like.

My friend and colleague Bobbi Newman, librarian and innovator extraordinaire, has announced Round 4 of the Library Day in the Life that will begin on January 25, 2010.   I like to think of this event as a form of ethnography because it showcases a glimpse into the lives of librarians from all walks of life through text and multimedia.   In addition, this event can provide us a means for better understanding what we do in our individual library worlds and to learn from each other.  In short, you document a day in your life as a librarian—you can do this with text, pictures, audio, and video—the format is really up to you!  More details about ideas for sharing a day in your life and how to sign up are available at Bobbi’s blog post.  In addition, you may want to check out Andy Woodworth’s post about this event and the examples of “Day in the Life” that highlight some creative ways for participating.