If you are coming to CIL 2010 and/or Internet@Schools East, I invite you to my session in S101 at 10:30 AM on Monday, April 12.    In this presentation, I outline and show examples of five ways we can re-envision and expand the concept of information literacy using Seth Godin’s Pivot Points for Change framework.

1.  keep your traditional sources of authoritative information in your research pathfinders, but let the research topic and mode of research guide the integration of social media information sources and tools for delivering that content to help students navigate the maze of today’s information world

2.  keep focusing on teacher collaboration, but focus on creating conversations and teamwork with students as well

3.  keep assessing student learning using traditional tools, but use alternative modes of assessment like blog to engage students in metacognition and to actively reflect on their research strategies

4.  keep teaching students how to access and consume information, but place an equal emphasis on knowledge and content creation

5.  keep creating research pathfinders for students, but teach students how to forge their own paths for learning and building their own information portals