Please check out my new and expanded version of looking at libraries as sponsors of literacy, or more specifically, transliteracy.  This talk is being delivered today, April 13,  at the Alabama Library Association YASRT/CSLD Preconference.  This presentation is rooted in my previous studies (you can see my papers and readings from 2005 on my Slideshare page under “documents”) in the work of Dr. Deborah Brandt.  I am very interested in replicating her ethnographic study with a focus on an expanded definition of literacy.


3 thoughts on “Libraries and Librarians As Sponsors of Literacy

  1. The presentation you put together clearly demonstrates how librarians can bridge the divide that currently exists between those who receive no guidance or education using web 2.0 tools and those who are immersed in an educational environment that harnesses their potential uses. As a teacher-librarian I am in the process of teaching my colleagues about these tools and their role in the classroom. Some are taking risks with their own learning and relenquishing control in order to learn alongside their students. One teacher said, “This is new to me as well and it is messy but we can learn from the process.” Music to my ears. Others come from the school of thought that “it was good enough for me, it is good enough now”. It is this line of thinking that will create inequity among our students and leave them unprepared to be transliterate. With two presentations to do this week your slideshow comes just in time. Thank you for all the time and thought you have invested.


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