In the last week, I was lucky to enjoy three amazing opportunities to share more about what I, Susan Lester, and our students have been doing in the Media 21 program.

The first opportunity, an interview facilitated by the wonderful Shannon Firth of findingEducation’s Digital Teachers’ Lounge (affiliated with findingDulcinea), provides a great overview of what has been happening with Media 21 in the last year.

findingEducation’s Digital Teachers’ Lounge » Educators That Rock!: Buffy Hamilton via kwout

The second opportunity was truly a thrill as I was interviewed via Skype by the amazing Howard Rheingold, someone whose work and ideas have greatly influenced my thinking and practice in the last year.   You can see his post and the video interview about the Media 21 students’ use of Netvibes as  information dashboards.

Librarian 2.0: Buffy J. Hamilton | DMLcentral via kwout

The third forum for sharing more about the Media 21 project is not yet published, but I will blog about it once the podcast is ready to go.  In the meantime, I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to both Ms. Firth and Mr. Rheingold for providing space for more people to learn about Media 21 and how teachers, students, and school librarians can work together to create powerful learning experiences!


3 thoughts on “Learn More About Media 21: Two New Interviews

    1. Doug:

      Thank you so much—you are definitely one of the people who is a role model for me and a trailblazer for our profession!

      Projects like Media 21 energize me, and I hope through forums like these, other people too can get inspired and see the possibilities for the partnerships that classroom teachers, librarians, and students can forge together.

      With heartfelt thanks,


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