Although I will devote some specific blog posts to the conclusions section as well as student learning artifacts  in the next two weeks, this report represents a detailed narrative of the Media 21 from its inception in March 2009 (idea wise) to the conclusion of the project in May 2010.    If you are already familiar with the project, you may want to focus on pages 8-11 of this report.  I hope this initial and preliminary report will be insightful to anyone who would like to know more about Media 21; I also encourage you to visit for additional resources, podcasts, and other materials to inform your understandings of Media 21.

More triangulation of the data will be needed this summer for me to come to conclusions that are more encompassing and that also address how this project has embodied transliteracy.   I will post here on this blog  additional insights and findings from closer and more critical passes through the data later this summer; I will also use this experience of data analysis to better inform the planning and conceptualization of the  upcoming 2010-11 edition of Media 21.