The last few weeks have been a wonderfully exhausting roller coaster ride since returning to work on July 27; we now are starting our third full week of the 2010-11 academic year with the students, and I am pretty sure this is the most intense start to the school year at The Unquiet Library as I’ve had several teachers interested in piloting wikis and blogs as tools for teaching and learning with our students; these grassroots collaborative efforts are the direct result of my work with Susan Lester and our Media 21 students in 2009-10. While I have anticipated some challenges for the upcoming year, I’ve returned with a sense of great expectations and optimism in spite of some unknowns and uncertainties.

As I recover from the physical and mental fatigue of teaching all seven periods with no break for the first six of the ten school days of this year (a happy dilemma), I’m hoping to articulate the observations, celebrations, worries, and hopes that have weighed on my mind for the last month.  Over the next week or so, I hope to compose some mini blog posts on the following topics:

  • How our principal, Dr. Bob Eddy, has stepped up to fill the void in Tammy’s absence (Tammy is our beloved clerk we lost to district wide budget cuts) as well as what Tammy is now doing in our learning community at Creekview
  • Celebrations
  • The ups and downs of introducing inquiry based learning and cloud computing tools for learning, aka “turbulence”
  • How do we deal with pushback from students who don’t want to be engaged or who are threatened by the disruption of their “sit and get” learning style that has worked for them in the past?
  • Student and faculty guest bloggers for The Unquiet Library blog and the importance of participation
  • Update on our eReader test/pilot program
  • Media 21:  The Next Generation
  • I want my research life:  fumbling my way to qualitative research/ethnography, also known as trying to do scholarly work without being formally attached to a graduate program or university faculty
  • Collaboration and crowdsourcing with peers near and far
  • The Balancing Act
  • Choosing the Tools for Teaching and Learning and Student Choice
  • Students as Leaders and Teachers
  • What Does It Mean to Be a Linchpin or Musings on School Librarianship
  • Sources of Insight

Stay tuned for the next week or two as I try to articulate some thoughtful and reflective comments on these topics/themes and more.

What issues are weighing heavily in your heart and mind on the eve of this school year?