Here is my slidedeck for my MEMO 2010 keynote speech.  Supporting resources are available here; I hope to post the MP3 audio for this keynote in the next week.    A sincere thank you to the wonderful librarians of Minnesota for inviting me to be part of a fantastic weekend of learning and thinking!

3 thoughts on “Beyond Balance: Participatory Librarianship for Creating, Connecting, Conversing, and Contributing

  1. Buffy,

    Prior to this exact moment, I have never had a desire to travel to Minnesota. Now I find myself wishing I could exchange my tickets to Miami for tickets to Minnesota (well, almost wishing!). I haven’t even heard the audio and I am feeling inspired by flipping through the slides.

    Thank you for constantly and constructively advancing our profession by sharing your work and ideas with all of us. Good luck on your keynote. I look forward to listening to the audio in the near future.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments!

      Sadly, my iPhone voice recorder apparently cut off 15 minutes into the keynote (not sure why?), but I am going to try and upload the 15 minutes I did capture sometime this week. I’m doing a similar talk this Friday although much smaller in scale, so perhaps I will be able to capture it!

      Thank you for reading my blog and your encouragement!



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