On Friday, November 12, we had about 10 minutes at the end of 4th and 7th period after Day 3 of student presentations in which our Media 21/Learning 21 students are sharing the findings of their “Issues in Africa” research and reading experiences.  I thought it might be helpful for us to take stock of our first three days of presentations, so we used that 10 minutes to reflect on the 12 presentations each class had seen and to offer both praise and constructive criticism for the presenters this upcoming week.  Here were the directions for reflection:

1. What qualities have you seen in the first three days of presentations that have been exemplary or well done?

2. In general, what suggestions might you have for next week’s presenters to be effective speakers/presenters?

Feel free to look to our rubric and presentation guidelines to consider specific suggestions and praise.

Here are the results of the astute, honest, and insightful observations (also cross posted to our daily agenda on our class site hosted at Google Sites):

Our pathfinder I created for students is below if you would like to explore the resources, guidelines, and rubrics.  I’ll be highlighting some additional video from the presentations and slidedecks in the next few days here on the blog (with student permission).