On Friday afternoon, I went into our library Kindle/Amazon account to order five more Kindles; however, when I went to process the order with our corporate account, I received a message that I had exceeded my quota and that the Kindles had been removed from my shopping cart.  Now while I knew you could only order 5 at a time because of the demand on the Kindles, I truly thought this message was a technical blip, and wanting to leave work before 6PM on a Friday night, I left and decided to try again on Monday.

Today I attempted to place the order and received the exact same message.  Puzzled, I submitted an email help ticket and received this message:


Due to strong customer demand, the current quantity limit is 3 Kindle devices per customer. We will forward your inquiry to the Kindle team and someone will contact you if we can meet your requirements and schedule.

Thank you for your interest in Kindle.

We hope to see you again.

Thank you for your recent inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

If yes, please click here:

If no, please click here:

Best regards,

xxxxx {I’ve removed the name of the rep}
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Thinking that surely this was still an error, I initiated a help ticket  around 3:25 to have Amazon Customer Service call me; 40 minutes and three customer service representatives later, I was told the exact same message in the email:  in spite of the fact we have a corporate account and are a K12 institution, not an individual consumer, our request to order more Kindles could not be approved “at this time.” The last agent I spoke with did submit a request “higher up” (he was with the “Bulk Order” division), but he could not promise that my request to try and get at least 20-25 more Kindles would be honored, nor could he say if or when this policy would be changed.

Needless to say, I’m still dumbfounded this evening.  While I appreciate the laws of supply and demand, I don’t understand (and maybe I’m naive here) why Amazon is not being more accommodating in helping educational institutions continue to order the Kindles in bulk.  Even the local stores in my community (Canton Best Buy, Staples, Target) don’t have the model we want (3G + WiFI) in stock, and they have not been able to tell me when they’ll come in to stock. Even if they did, I doubt they would have enough to meet our purchasing wishes.

While we had planned to also purchase Nooks, it looks like we now have been pushed into moving up that plan a little earlier than planned.

If you are a school or library of any kind that has been doing some higher volume purchasing of Kindles, what kind of responses are you getting as you try to order additional quantities of Kindles?