I’d like to invite anyone who has an interest in literacy to join us at #engchat on Twitter Monday, November 22 at 7PM for an hour-long Twitter conversation about transliteracy. Here are some questions we’ll throw out for discussion:

1.  What is transliteracy?  Is the concept new, and if so, how does it differ from how we view multiple literacies (digital, new media, information)?

2.  How do position statements and definitions like those from NCTE—the Position Statement on Multimodal Literacies and the Policy Brief on 21st Century Literacies—inform our understanding of transliteracy?

3.  Why and how we might privilege transliteracy  in K12 and higher education classrooms as well as academic, public, and school libraries?  How does the changing information landscape lend itself to cultivating transliteracy for learners of all ages?

4.  Other questions–please feel free to bring your own questions for exploration to the conversation!

Here are a few selected readings to get you thinking:

Everyone is invited to join in this conversation–please join us at 7PM EST Monday, November 22 on Twitter!