My documentation and organization of Media 21 has been overdue for a makeover, and this weekend, I finally revamped my resource page for the learning initiative.  Originally, it was housed on my Wikispaces page, but you can now more easily navigate the resources, readings, videos, reflections, and links related to Media 21 at my new Media 21 LibGuides portal. Here is how the guide is organized:

1.  Home page:  a brief overview of Media 21, links to readings/podcasts on Media 21, bookmarks to resources that inform the vision of learning for Media 21

2. 2009-10: this page houses all of my blog reflections before, during, and after the first year of the Media 21 program.  It also links to course resources , research guides, and student work as well as photos and videos.

3 . 2010-11:  this page houses the same type of documentation as the 2009-10 page and is currently a work in progress.

I’d like to encourage you to explore this guide as I think it captures the depth of collaboration, reflection, and documentation of this collaborative learning initiative I’ve been fortunate to experience with Susan Lester and our students.  I am still struggling with documenting all aspects of this work as an embedded librarian and reflecting as frequently and with as much depth as I’d like (as well as my other collaborative projects with teachers and the Kindle program), but there is a good body of that kind of work represented in the guide for now.  Susan and I are engaged in planning now as we prepare to pick up the final three months of Media 21 for Spring 2011; please look for new updates to the 2010-11 tab soon!