Join us in Atlanta September 23-25, 2011 to reimagine the future of libraries!  Instead of another traditional conference — speakers talking at passive audiences; vaguely connected sessions — you’ll join a dynamic 3-day design event focused on imagination and action.

“Next Chapter” participants automatically become members of 10-15 person design teams.

This will allow passionate, creative, professionally-diverse attendees to collaborate actively with innovative peers and design facilitators in imagining new futures for the K12 library.

Over the course of the 3 days, teams will work closely with their experienced design facilitators to solve a variety of real world case studies in an effort to create new visions for K12 libraries:

  • day 1: Listen -> empathize, ask, seek
  • day 2: Imagine -> ideate, brainstorm, wonder
  • day 3: Make -> prototype, craft, test

And to add a touch of inspiration along the way, we’re inviting a range of extraordinary voices to share short 10-15 minute ‘big idea’ talks (in the Spirit of TED talks*) in several 2xSpeaker and 4xSpeaker sessions.

We will also be inviting summit attendees to offer a limited number of short talks — 3 min in length — on big idea topics of their choice related to the summit overall. You’ll notice the chance to share with us an idea you might have on the official summit application.

We’ve also created an on-going experience that extends far beyond the 3-day summit.

To that end, we’d like to invite you to consider two additional opportunities:

  • Participate in monthly online design challenges this summer before the summit.
  • Join the RE:ED / “Next Chapter” online community to share ideas | resources over time. –> Details coming on May 15th re: becoming a ‘member’ to log-in / share content, join conversations, actively participate in monthly online design challenges.

Learn more and apply to attend by clicking here!