I’m pleased to share the slides and footage (thank you, Neil!)  of an intensely personal talk close to my heart that I gave at ISTE 2011 a few weeks ago as part of a panel discussion, “SIGMS Forum: A Dawning Era for School Librarians.”   I’m grateful to Doug Johnson and Lisa Perez for inviting me to participate in this session and for the opportunity to share some thoughts I’ve been dwelling for some time that finally crystallized in this talk.  I’ll be sharing a post soon featuring a Mindomo map I’m developing  to weave together program goals for 2011-12 and tying it to our efforts to increase enchantment for new points of innovation and transformation for our library program and learning community at Creekview High School.

Bonus material:  a fantastic short video outlining the principles of Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment:  The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. 

9 thoughts on “ISTE 2011 Talk: Libraries and Enchantment

  1. You’re welcome and thank you for the mention. All I did was extract your 15 minutes out of the 2 hour session video from isteconference.org. The goal of the blog post is to show your presentation to some of my Dallas colleagues and get it on the agenda of our librarians summit this August. We’ll have over 300 librarians and staff at that event, which is a larger audience than the SIGMS forum. Dallas ISD is the 12th largest school system in the nation and we have so far managed to save all of our librarian positions. I think your Enchantment talk is the right way to kick off the year for our library people and get them ready to prove their value in the face of threatened staff cuts next year. Thanks so much for being a shining light.


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