No Child Left Behind: A conspiracy against public education that too few called out | Get Schooled via kwout

I rarely cross-post articles for reading as a stand-alone post in this space, but I encourage you to read one of the most powerful pieces I’ve read this year and probably one of the most compelling essays I’ve ever read about No Child Left Behind and its legacy.  

I hope the generation of teachers and administrators that follows has learned something from the failure of our generation to ward off those determined to destroy public education. We didn’t stand up to be counted, we didn’t stand in the schoolhouse door and tell them they couldn’t do that to our kids, and we didn’t educate the public about what a gigantic failure another one size fits all education policy would be. In the words of that great educator and philosopher Jimmy Buffet: “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.”

 We have all been left behind.

Will we stand up to Race to the Top?  I have seen the negative impact of NCLB on public education and what learning has been reduced to in schools in the last decade; it is genuinely heartbreaking.  How will you as a classroom teacher, administrator, or librarian help disrupt the crippling effects of NCLB?