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Did you purchase the screen protectors for each nook?

We purchased protective covers; we did not purchase the screen protectors. We also purchased 2 year warranties for every device.

I am guessing that since you are using the “digital locker” that you now purchasing one book per nook. Is that correct? If so, are you finding the need to purchase multiple copies of certain titles for different nooks?

The policy is indeed now 1:1; we will purchase multiple copies of popular titles or titles that will be virtual class sets.  My plan is to purchase 5 copies of each ebook so that it will be easier to know off the top of my head which collection/subcollection I’ve assigned those books to (see section below on setting up collections/subcollections).

By having Barnes and Noble “control” your Nooks, were you given any type of password/user email for each nook or does Barnes and Noble have total control?

You work with Barnes and Noble to establish the user name/email and password,  and they help you manage the content that goes on there from the backend. I’m having the ability to purchase content from the device directly disabled.

That question leads me to another that my Barnes and Noble rep was not able to answer… If my nooks are “digitally locked”, can I lend ebooks to other nooks? And can a student “check-out” ebooks from the Public Library onto a school owned nook? My Rep’s answer was yes, but when I asked her how, she began to falter. It is my understanding that it would not work, but now I am unsure. What has been your findings?

A. By “lend the ebooks”, what exactly do you mean?  If you mean through your OPAC, no.

B. I assume you mean through Overdrive? I would say yes: .  Once we get ours, I will test it out and confirm.

When purchasing ebooks for the nook through their management program, can you clarify which nook to load a certain ebook?

Yes—you tell them what book goes on which device. You will work with them to set up groups/subgroups or “Collection” and “subcollections” of your devices.  I have set up the following collections and subcollections:

Collections:  1.  Classroom Sets  2.  Circulation Sets

Classroom Set Subgroups:

  • Classroom Set Group A Nooks 1-5
  • Classroom Set Group B Nooks 6-10
  • Classroom Set Group C Nooks 11-15
  • Classroom Set Group D Nooks 16-20
  • Classroom Set Group E Nooks 21-25
  • Classroom Set Group F Nooks 26-30
  • Classroom Set Group G Nooks 31-35

For the circulation set….

  • Circulation Nooks 36-40
  • Circulation Nooks 41-45
  • Circulation Nooks 46-50

If at a later date, could you remove a nook from the Digital Locker and gain control total control of it again?

“Yes” but only if you deregister and reregister the device.  However, I am not sure why you would want to do this—how else would you manage or add content without doing it locally, which is more cumbersome?

How are you checking out the eBooks?

We will not catalog the ebooks into the OPAC because there is no way of actually circulating or physically/electronically checking out individual Nook books through Destiny at this time.  We will circulate the devices and keep track of what books are on each device; we will maintain this information in a spreadsheet that will be available online and in a hard copy the students can easily browse.

Will you be documenting the Nook program at your library?

Yes–the website is housed here.  We’ll be filling in content in the upcoming months!