Buffy Hamilton, The Unquiet Librarian – Participatory Librarianship

How do libraries cultivate participatory literacy to disrupt what Paulo Freire calls the “banking” system of education?


About This Speaker
Buffy Hamilton is a high school librarian and teacher at The Unquiet Library (http://theunquietlibrary.wordpress.com) in Canton, Georgia, who is passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences for students and teachers, especially through technology integration.

[Some technical issues resulted in a truncated video for this session]

(00:01) Introductions of Hangout Participants
(04:04) Mr. Preston’s class and Howard discuss how multi-tasking affects learning
(06:16) Buffy introduces herself
(08:09) Highlights from “Libraries as Communally Constructed Sites of Participatory Culture” – http://www.slideshare.net/theunquietlibrary/participatory-learning-and-librar…
(10:37) Buffy closes out her thoughts on libraries as sites of participatory culture and poses a question to the Hangout
(15:58) Addressing the observation that the evolution of library spaces is exciting, yet potentially frustrating
(16:26) The importance of student input in helping libraries evolve
(17:17) Question from Dr. Preston’s class: “What [does] the future of libraries look like, considering the rapid growth of reading technologies such as the Kindle and the iPad?”
(19:55) Question from Dr. Preston’s class: “A recently retired teacher here wanted to change education by starting his own charter school in our town, but other teachers didn’t really want to help him out with this and kind of shunned him…What do you think caused that, and why do [teachers] do the bare minimum?”
(22:48) How to help get other school staff and administration involved
(26:11) Reflection from Dr. Preston’s class

A special thank you to my friends and colleagues who participated in the Google Hangout (see below) as well as  our wise host Howard Rheingold and Jon Barilone (our wonderful “glue” who makes the logistical and technical magic happen) of Digital Media and Learning Research Hub–I am extremely honored and humbled to have been asked to participate in this important conversation via Connected Learning TV.   I also want to extend a special thank you to Dr. David Preston and his students for helping us all engage in a rich intergenerational conversation about learning.  Learn more about the principles of connected learning here; click here to see the full infographic (which I love)!

  1. Colm Linanne – Librarian based in Scotland – @librarydotcolm
  2. Julie Milliman – Librarian at the Freshman Learning Center at Vero Beach High School in Florida
  3. Heather Hersey – Librarian at Lakeside High School in Seattle – @hhersey03
  4. David Preston – English teacher at Righetti High School in California – @prestonlearning
  5. Alison Hicks – Instruction librarian at U. of Colorado-Boulder – @alisonhicks0
  6. Lydia Smith-Davis – Librarian at Orange Lutheran High School in Southern California – @theencyclopidia