Given the hectic pace of pre-planning and the fact we have new fifteen faculty, I thought it would be a good idea to create some type of virtual library tour and LibGuides page to highlight program services, library information, relevant links, and documents.  You can now see the first incarnation of our “virtual library tour” housed at LibGuides that is designed for faculty (veterans as well as newbies), students, and parents to explore at their leisure.  I’ll be keeping it as a static page pinned to our featured guides so that it’s easily accessible to all and will add updates as we roll out additional initiatives or important documents throughout the upcoming year.   It is a work in progress, and I already have ideas for tweaks I hope to make for the future.

Are you creating virtual tours of your library?  If so, what tools are you using to craft these and what information are you sharing?  What mediums of content creation are you utilizing?  If you have published a virtual tour, please share in the comments section as a model for the rest of us to follow!