Goodnight and Godspeed

As many of you know, I’ve had a silly but beloved habit of saying, “Goodnight, library” every afternoon when I leave.  Today, I said farewell to my students, fellow teachers, and the library that has been like my child for the last time.  May others always love you as I and our students have; may you always be a place of inspiration, enchantment, learning, and joy—thank you for giving me the time of my life.  I will carry you all with me in my heart as I begin the next chapter with the amazing Cleveland Public Library in Ohio.

With love, Buffy


25 thoughts on “Goodnight and Godspeed, Unquiet Library

  1. Congratulations Buffy. It’s such a joy following your evolution and creative efforts to inspire young folks. I’ll be looking forward to reading your blogs offered from your new position. May “the force” be with you!!!

    1. Hi Daniel! Wow, I genuinely appreciate those comments–it is an honor to bring joy and inspiration to others. I’ll continue to be blogging here about my new adventures in Cleveland and insights I know I will gain from my new learning community! Thank you again so much for those wonderfully good wishes! Very best, Buffy

    1. Oh, Jennifer–thank you so much! I feel so very lucky to be joining the Cleveland Public Library—truly honored and grateful for this opportunity. I fully expect that this is going to be a grand and wonderfully energizing adventure in which we push the envelope of what libraries can do for communities. Again–a heartfelt thank you for those good wishes! Very best, Buffy

  2. It is never easy saying goodbye, but you are moving on to an even greater adventure. I can’t wait to read about it in the new year. Best wishes for wonderful holidays and a happy, healthy and harmonious new year!

    1. Hello Deven! Thank you for those beautiful sentiments and incredibly generous, kind wishes—like you, I’m eager to see what lies ahead and to share what we are learning as a community in Cleveland and Team CPL. I feel I’m on the brink of a joyous, complex, and rich learning curve—that, of course, makes me feel oh so happy and energized! Thank you again, and I wish you a wonderful and happy 2013. I so appreciate the passion and energy you bring to education and libraries! Best, Buffy

    1. Hi Melanie! It has been an alternately relaxing and frenetic holiday, LOL! I’m so grateful for this window of time with my family and friends here—and I’m also excited about the upcoming move that is happening oh so very soon. Thank you for being such an awesome fellow librarian, and I have a feeling that many exciting ideas, stories, and experiences will be happening for me as I get to work with the amazing people at CPL and of Cleveland—stay tuned here on the blog and Twitter! Thank you again for your sweet note! Very best, Buffy

  3. Wow, Buffy. I first became aware of you professionally because of the your unique concepts of the “Unquiet Library”. Congratulations on a job well-done to bring powerful influence to bear on your own high school, your district, your state, and even the whole nation. We all need the type of librarian that you and your professional circles represent. We all have a powerful need to move into this 21st Century understanding fully how to leverage the explosion of information availability because of advances in technology. I can’t say enough how much I admire you and your work over these years as the “Unquiet Librarian”. And I have to admit to feeling a little grief about your leaving. However, you are moving/graduating into a powerful new environment where all of your concepts and capability will not be held back by petty high school politics and the general administrative goofiness that any high school teacher has to endure. I’m looking forward to following this next chapter of your most fascinating life!

    1. Wow, Brett—I don’t even know where to being or how to best say thank you for those incredibly kind and heartfelt reflections. You have been a source of ongoing encouragement and support, and I am so very grateful for colleagues and friends like you. Thank you for those good wishes and know I will continue to give my very best to libraries, education, my own PLN, and our collective communities at large. I am incredibly blessed and lucky to have had the experiences and opportunities thus far, and I am confident that this new chapter of my professional and personal life in Cleveland with Team CPL is going to be rich, energizing, and yield many insights that I hope to share. Thank you not only for your thoughts here, but thank you for being such a passionate educator who is committed to helping others. Very best, Buffy

  4. I can only echo the comments made here. As a librarian who began my career in a small public library, I am very excited by your move into this vital sector of our profession. Best of luck!

    1. Hi Dave! Thank you so much for those kind words—you all at Springshare have been so instrumental to the teachers and students at The Unquiet Library. I appreciate the work that people like you are doing that are helping us transform libraries! Thank you for taking time to share such gracious thoughts, and I will be in touch via email (thank you for that note as well)! Very best, Buffy

  5. When I left my little library of 18 years, I felt exactly the same. I agree that the Cleveland Public Library is lucky to get you…will you still keep the Unquiet Librarian blog going? I hope so! Have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Hello there! It’s bittersweet to leave a place you’ve been in so long, isn’t it? Thank you so much for those good thoughts and the vote of confidence! And oh yes, I will still be blogging here–I have a feeling I’ll be learning so much at CPL and will definitely continue to share here in this space! Happy New Year and a wonderful 2013 to you! 🙂 Best, Buffy

    1. Jeff—my dear cherished friend!

      I promise I will–it is a wonderful mix of emotions as I end this chapter of my life that has been so incredibly meaningful and now happily begin a new one that I think will be an intense and insightful learning experience! I am ready to embrace Cleveland with open arms and hope they don’t mind my drawl. 🙂 Very best, Buffy

  6. Thank you for the leadership and inspiration you’ve given us all from your position within the school library movement Buffy. You will be missed and we look forward to your knowledge, energy and experience being applied to the public library system, particularly in relation to the Maker movement which holds such promise for us all. Having moved from a 20+ year position in a rural city Yr7-12 college four years ago to similar city-based position, I know that you have much excitement ahead of you; a new identity to establish; new paths to build and a fresh new outlook. Thank you, good luck and enjoy. @camillaelliott

    1. Hello Camilla!

      Thank YOU for those inspiring words of encouragement and confidence—they truly mean so much, and I am so appreciative of your kind thoughts. I also appreciate your identifying with the transition that lies ahead and the reassurances that new beginnings truly are energizing and new paths for learning and insights. Thank you for reading my blog, and I’m so glad you are on the journey with me here! Again, thank you for the wonderful wishes! Very best, Buffy

  7. I’ve just spoken to a board member of the CPL and he was extremely happy about your coming to our library. What a coup! The library is such an important institution in our city and we warmly welcome you with open arms and open hearts. I’ve been on a Greek Literature reading journey this year (with a little poetry in the mix) and finally understand and appreciate the true power of literature … and the importance of our libraries and librarians! BON CHANCE!

    1. Hi John! Thank you so much for that wonderful welcome and for sharing your experience of this past year (your reading journey sounds just fantastic!). I am delighted to be joining Cleveland Public Library and the city of Cleveland—I hope to be someone who contribute to all the great things that are happening and to be someone who is part of the positive energy of both the library and the city. I so appreciate your heartfelt vote of confidence! I hope that I will see you at one of our branches soon! Very best, Buffy

      p.s. I am also a poetry fan–always happy to discuss favorite poems/poets!

  8. As it’s snowing very beautifully with big flakes and calm wind this morning in Cleveland (I hope you like snow at least a little), I thought I’d share a wintry poem:

    The way a crow
    Shook down on me
    The dust of snow
    From a hemlock tree

    Has given my heart
    A change of mood
    And saved some part
    Of a day I had rued. – Robert Frost

    My journey through the Greeks began with Keats, who, like many others, was heavily influenced by them. I felt it would help me to appreciate Keats more fully if I were familiar with Greek literature. Oy … the tragedy. I can say that reading a play like Hecuba or Hippolytus makes a masterpiece like Ode to a Nightingale even more special. 🙂

  9. So as I’m starting my day on Dec 28 with a check of the New York Times as usual, and who do I see on there (in a good way) but my friend the Unquiet Librarian! And I learn she is moving to the Cleveland Public Library! I held out the pitiful hope that this meant little Cleveland GA, but can’t say I’m surprised that it’s the Ohio one. The fluffy scarf in your picture will get lots of use! Love the new job title and description, sounds like a perfect match for you!

  10. I can so imagine how incredibly emotional it must have been to leave your students and colleagues. I trust you will enjoy the new gig, but we’ll REALLY miss you in the school library world!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Susan! While I am not currently in a school library, be assured I will most definitely still be working in the field of school librarianship as part of my new role here at CPL. Stay tuned! Best, Buffy

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