A sincere thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome at the Ohio eTech Conference last evening and today as well as the conference organizers for their hospitality!  I’d also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my friends at InfoOhio for their support and lovely company last evening.  Finally, a special thank you to all who took time to attend my session today–it was wonderful to have the chance to chat with several of you, and your kind words truly humble me.
You can download the PDF of my slides here:
Personal Learning Networks and Lifelong Learning February 2013 Ohio eTech Conference

The slides are also available on SlideShare:

4 thoughts on “Nurturing Lifelong Learning with Personal Learning Networks, Ohio eTech Conference 2013

  1. I always learn something new from your presentations even though we do not get the priviledge of hearing you first hand Buffy. ‘New’ both in thought challenges and in technology applications…… you are amazing! Have you ever thought of coming to South Africa? We would love to have you here to talk to our Librarians. You are #1 on my PLN . Thank you


  2. I’m absolutely stunned by how beautifully inspirational that presentation is–feels like an entire course just waiting to be explored by eager learners. Deeply grateful for the mentions of #etmooc and my participation in it. You’ve actually, by spreading the word through what you’ve done here, created yet another example of the rhizomatic learning you documented in parts of the presentation. Tremendously sorry I couldn’t have been there in Ohio with you to hear the presentation delivered live.


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