This is another post from my library blog that I’m cross-posting here about strategies I learned at the Santa Fe inquiry workshop in January. I hope you’ll find it helpful or inspirational!

The Hooch Learning Studio

Are you looking for a way for students to engage with a work of fiction or to think more deeply about a piece of informational text?  Do you want to interject some energy into your world of learning and that of your students?  Would you like to incorporate kinesthetic learning into your classroom?  If so, consider trying the Tableaux strategy from Nancy Steineke, one of the ten great strategies featured in her book Assessment Live.  This strategy was one of the several great learning structures I learned about recently at fantastic inquiry workshop in Santa Fe, NM.

What is tableaux?  Here is how Nancy defines it in Chapter 8 of her book:

The Tableaux strategy is a series of scenes presented by groups of four to eight students who are frozen in poses or positions that depict an historical event, famous speech, scientific concept, or scene from…

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