I recently had the honor of collaborating with Maite Nazario, an incredibly talented artist here at Chattahoochee High!  Ms. Dorsey Sammataro sent her to me to help her think through how she might make her art piece on student immigrant experiences interactive so that the art would literally be able to tell the stories in a visual as well as auditory way.  Maite wanted people viewing her art to be able to HEAR each student’s story of immigration in a way that would not obtrusive or outside of the art.  After some brainstorming, I suggested she record the student stories with the StoryCorps app and then link the URL for each recording to a QR code.  After I created a mockup and showed it to her, she agreed this was the direction to go so that anyone viewing the finished art piece could scan a QR code that would be embedded on each student’s visual representation and hear each individual story.

IMG_5927 IMG_5930

Maite immediately jumped into the technology integration piece of her art and taught herself how to use the app and even set up her own channel all by herself!  I was so impressed by her enthusiasm and the way she embraced the StoryCorp app as well as her interviewing skills.  I then taught her how to generate and link QR codes through virtual means by emailing her a screencast I created for her.  Here is her story of how she approached her work:

You can see the outcome of this amazing piece of art and her creative talents in the A hall, and it will be installed in the main hallway later this week.

DSCN2813 DSCN2746

All you need is any free QR code scanner, and you can enjoy the visual aspect of her art while hearing the stories of each student, another layer of art she has richly and seamlessly embedded.

Thank you Maite for letting me work with you—this has by far been one of the coolest collaborative partnerships I’ve had as a teacher and librarian!