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Literacies of Contemporary Civic Life Speaker Series-Metanarratives of Literacy Practices: Libraries as Sponsors of Literacies

I would like to thank friend and colleague Dr. Antero Garcia and the Colorado State University Department of English for the opportunity to participate in “The Literacies of Contemporary Civic Life” speaker series here in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I appreciate everyone who came out to hear the talk in person; we also captured video of the talk through a Google Hangout.   The joy in these experiences is not only having a chance to contribute to a conversation, but to also learn from others—my thinking has been pushed today through my interactions with the CSU English Department community as well as wonderful morning of discussion with fellow librarian Ally Garcia of the Clearview Library District.  I feel confident seed ideas that have been planted and nurtured today will find their way into future blog posts!

If you are interested in the ideas central to the talk, I encourage you to check out my ongoing series of blog posts from DMLcentral here; I will have a new blog post soon for this series that relates directly to some of the concepts in this talk.  Thanks to a historic winter storm that is battering Atlanta, my stay here is extended that will give me the chance to explore Fort Collins and relish some “found” writing time.

Deep in the Heart of Texas: TLA 2013

Original photo by Buffy Hamilton

Original photo by Buffy Hamilton

I’d like to thank the Texas Library Association and all of the attendees for their gracious hospitality and big warm Texas welcome to their annual conference here in gorgeous Fort Worth, Texas!  It was my honor to present two sessions today:

  • Transliteracy and Participatory Practices of Learning:  Praxis for Transformation of Today’s School Libraries and Learning Communities
  • Illuminating Learning Communities Through School Libraries and Makerspaces—Creating, Constructing, Collaborating, Contributing

What I enjoy the most about these conferences is the opportunity to interact with others and learn from their experiences and insights.  We had some rich discussions today that came out of our small group discussion and then large group share in the morning session on transliterate practices; I left with many new ideas simmering that I want to purse from that conversation!  I also appreciated the rich dialogue with fellow librarians and educators after that session as well as the afternoon makerspace session—it’s humbling to have such wonderful opportunities to network with colleagues and learn from their insights, questions, and experiences.  Thank you to everyone who shared such positive feedback and who posed questions in person or via Twitter—I will work this weekend to catch up on threads I missed or need to do some follow-up communication with in the next few days.   I’m also appreciative of time spent over lunch, dinner, and coffee with friends today, conversations with vendors in the exhibit hall, and of the feeling of belonging everyone extended to me—thank you for making me feel like one of your very own here in Texas.  I’d also like to give a special thank you to Julie Briggs and Elise Walker for their help in making my being a part of TLA a reality.

You can grab the PDFs of today’s slides either from SlideShare, or you can grab them PDFs directly below.

TLA Transliteracy and Participatory Practices of Learning–Praxis for Transformation of Today’s School Libraries and Learning Communities

TLA 2013 Illuminating Learning Communities Through School Libraries and Makerspaces–Creating, Constructing, Collaborating, Contributing

You can also view and grab the PDFs of the slides here:

Maine Libraries United Conference 2012 Luncheon Speech–Libraries, Participatory Culture, and Enchantment

I’d like to thank the members of the The Maine Library Association and the Maine Association of School Libraries for their hospitality and for inviting me to be Sunday’s luncheon speaker at the 2012 Maine Libraries United Conference in Orono, Maine.    You can download the pdf of the slides from SlideShare or from the link beneath the slidedeck.  If you are interested in exploring stories of participatory learning, libraries, and enchantment, please consider following my magazine.

Maine Libraries United Conference 2012 Luncheon Speech–Libraries, Participatory Culture, and Enchantment (pdf)

Presentation: “Libraries as Communally Constructed Sites of Participatory Culture—Composing Narratives of Participatory Literacy and Enchantment”

A heartfelt thank you to the Florida State University SLIS community and the PALM Center for giving me the opportunity to visit, share, and learn with FSU SLID faculty, doctoral students, alum, and local school librarians this past week.    Spending time with such amazing people was truly an honor for me as well as a tremendous amount of fun!

Here are my slides from my presentation to the FSU SLIS community on April 7, 2012.   The video from today’s presentation will be posted to the PALM Center website soon, and I will provide an update once it is available for viewing.  You can also learn a little more about today’s talk here.

ALA TechSource Presentation–Taking Embedded Librarianship to the Next Level: Action Steps and Practices

Many thanks to the awesome people who attended and participated in today’s webinar! I’ll have a follow-up post over at the ALA TechSource blog in a few days in which I’ll answer questions I didn’t get to fully address in chat. Please also check out my magazine on Embedded Librarianship.