2014 BCTLA Summer Institute Presentations and Resources

Teacher Librarians Engaging in Inquiry Through Written Conversations Around Texts

It was truly a pleasure earlier this week to spend time with the wonderful teacher librarians of BCTLA—-they are truly among the nicest, most enthusiastic, and most progressive groups of librarians I’ve had the honor to speak to in my career.  I am truly grateful for their hospitality, their energy, and their passionate participation during the Summer Institute this past Tuesday!  I’d like to give an extra word of thanks to Arlene Anderson—she was the ultimate hostess and went above and beyond the call of duty in making my visit both possible and memorable!

Fabulous Librarians of BCTLA!

Fabulous Librarians of BCTLA! /Photo by Doni Gratton

Session 1:  Subject Guides

Resources of Interest:


Session 2:  Participatory Learning and Inquiry

Please let me know if I have omitted any resources you may have wanted as a participant or if you want to share any work related to our sessions as the school year gets underway!

Framing and Developing an Inquiry Stance for Independent Research Projects


A heartfelt thank you to The Thacher School Dean of Faculty Jeff Hooper and the wonderful participants of our workshop today on supporting students in independent research/capstone projects using strategies and models for inquiry. The first half of our workshop began with using the write around text on text strategy to help us explore and unpack our experiences, challenges, and successes with students and research projects.  We began by engaging in a write around these questions and data:



This was the first time using this strategy with adult learners, and I was so impressed with the depth of thought, questions, participation, and engagement by the faculty in the workshop—they rocked! Take a look at their collaborative work in the gallery below or for a larger view of the photos, browse here in my Flickr album:

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Small Group Debrief and Large Group Share
See our collaborative Google Doc for our questions/wonderings, big ideas, and new ideas/insights that grew out of our 25 minute write-around.  We engaged in small group discussion and focused on these three areas of reflection that we all eventually contributed to a Google Doc to pull together our experience prior to the second half of our workshop which was a short presentation on models and strategies for inquiry that related to our questions, wonderings, and areas of challenge.

Presentation Slides/PDF


Resources of Interest

ALAO Distance Learning Interest Group and Instruction Interest Group Spring Workshop 2013– Making Noise in the Library: Advocating for Our Students and Our Libraries

ALAO SwagMany thanks to the ALAO Distance Learning Interest Group and Instruction Interest Group for inviting me to be part of a day of conversation and learning about advocating for our students, student learning, and libraries!  I’m lucky enough to have been part of an ALAO  (Academic Library Association of Ohio) learning event twice within a year, and I appreciate how they inspire and inform my thinking.  I’m including two pieces of content in this post that I crafted and facilitated for today’s day of learning and sharing:

1. Morning Keynote:  Moving from Nice to Necessary: Academic Libraries and Communities Collaboratively Composing Participatory Practices of Learning

PDF:  Moving from Nice to Necessary: Academic Libraries and Communities Collaboratively Composing Participatory Practices of Learning

2.  Afternoon Small to Large Group Conversation:  Assessing Student Learning –we met in small groups to discuss conversation points about assessing student learning and then shared our thinking as a large group.  I invite you to keep the conversation going in this public Google Document where I gathered our large group responses and invite you to contribute your thoughts/experiences/questions.  

IASL 2013: Taking an Inquiry Stance on Participatory Culture, Learning, Literacy, and Libraries

I want to thank the Iowa Association of School Librarians for inviting me to speak at their conference this past week; I so appreciate everyone’s hospitality and the opportunity to think aloud and learn together.  I’d also like to give a special thanks to conference chair Kathy Kaldenberg for her efforts in coordinating a flawless day of fun and professional learning.

Below are my slides from my opening keynote as well as my concurrent session that was a conversation exploring the concept of transliteracy.

Nurturing Lifelong Learning with Personal Learning Networks, Ohio eTech Conference 2013

A sincere thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome at the Ohio eTech Conference last evening and today as well as the conference organizers for their hospitality!  I’d also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my friends at InfoOhio for their support and lovely company last evening.  Finally, a special thank you to all who took time to attend my session today–it was wonderful to have the chance to chat with several of you, and your kind words truly humble me.
You can download the PDF of my slides here:
Personal Learning Networks and Lifelong Learning February 2013 Ohio eTech Conference

The slides are also available on SlideShare: