AASL 2011

Greetings from the AASL 2011 Learning Commons!

We kick off at 10AM!  Come on down–we have lots of comfortable seating, power strips, and great conversations for learning on tap!  View today’s schedule here on the AASL Learning Commons wiki.

AASL 2011: Enjoy the Conference Experience from Afar and Face to Face

Good afternoon!

If you aren’t able to make it to Minneapolis for AASL 2011, there are several ways you can still experience the conference and enjoy from afar:

  1. Follow the conference hashtag of #aasl11 on Twitter; we will also be tagging videos on YouTube and Flickr photos with aasl11 as well; the Tweet archive is available at http://twapperkeeper.com/hashtag/AASL11 .
  2. Join the AASL 2011 Conference Ning!  This is a virtual network where people can engage in conversations, share conference materials and reflections, and network with other librarians.  You do not have to pay to join the Ning, nor do you need to be a registered participant to be part of the conversations for learning.  Join today athttp://aasl11.ning.com/ .
  3. We hope to be streaming and/or filming some of the sessions from the Learning Commons—this is a space where people can do mini-presentations and/or simply lead a conversation about any issue/topic in librarianship.   See the lineup in progress for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as well as our teaser video athttp://aasl2011learningcommons.wikispaces.com/ .  If you’re coming to Minneapolis, come join us at the Learning Commons for a diverse group of librarians who will be presenting on a wide range of topics!
  4. AASL Virtual Conference is an alternative option for those who can’t attend in person in Minneapolis.  Virtual conference details and registration fees are available at http://www.aasl11.org/virtual/ .

Questions?  Please feel free to contact me at buffy.hamilton at gmail.com .  Thank you!

Buffy Hamilton, Ed.S.

AASL 2011 National Conference Committee Social Media Chair

School Librarian
Creekview High School

1550 Owens Store Road

Canton, GA  30115

770-720-7600, x 253
770-720-7644, fax

AASL 2011 Learning Commons


AASL 2011 Learning Commons – home via kwout

The Learning Commons

The AASL Learning Commons 2011 (formerly the Bloggers’ Café in Charlotte 2009) will be a space for starting, continuing, and sharing conversations for learning.   Whether you are attending in person or participating from afar, everyone is invited to connect and contribute to these conversations for learning about a diverse range of topics and issues in librarianship.  The Learning Commons is a physical and virtual space not only to share and celebrate your passions but also for discovering new ones.

What can you do at the Learning Commons?

  • Host a discussion on any topic of choice related to librarianship
  • Create and host a “Birds of Feather” session
  • Present a “best practice” for related to one or more of our roles as teacher, instructional partner, information specialist, program administrator, or leader
  • Teach a skill
  • Learn a skill
  • Expand on your Exploratorium poster
  • Expand on your concurrent session
  • Invent a new type of unsession
  • Host a gadget petting zoo
  • Unplug and host a roundtable or panel discussion on a hot or controversial topic
  • Present or co-present with virtual friends via Skype

Join our Learning Commons wiki, http://aasl2011learningcommons.wikispaces.com/ , the space where you can sign up to present or facilitate a face to face, virtual, or hybrid session; presenters will also be creating pages and sharing resources for their presentation.  We encourage you to present or facilitate a discussion on any topic related to librarianship whether it be a traditional area of librarianship, such as storytelling, or a contemporary focus, such as gaming.  With presenter permission, we’ll be streaming as many of these sessions as possible.

The Learning Commons will be located in the lower level mezzanine; take the escalator down from the main registration area to access the Learning Commons. Signage will be provided to direct as you to the Learning Commons. See you in Minneapolis!

“School Libraries: What Next?” Ebook Project

CC image via http://bit.ly/pt6jTF

We are delighted to accept submissions for a collection of crowdsourced short essays on the future of school libraries from multiple perspectives, to be published in e-book format to coincide with Treasure Mountain and AASL in October 2011. We believe this e-book is a way for librarians to take the lead as content creators and publishers with custom, community-significant content for patrons. We imagine e-readers as publishing platforms for us, not competition.

Whether you’re an ardent supporter or see the proverbial handwriting on the wall, what do you see as the next 10 or 20 years of school libraries? This book will also tackle an “elephant in the room” question: with the nation’s education systems in an economic depression and many school librarians being pink-slipped, what is the future of school libraries? How might they be reinvented to remain deeply significant – for student learning? Should they? What past practices will we need to jettison? What stalwart beliefs must we hold tightly?

We’re posing a set of essential questions that will encourage you — and us! — to think deeply about the future of school libraries in the areas of:

  • Gaming
  • 21st-Century Learners
  • Who and When Do We Teach?
  • Reading
  • Emerging and Multiple Literacies
  • Networks and Organizations
  • The Physical Library
  • The Virtual Library
  • Collaboration
  • Collection Development
  • Librarian Coursework and Professional Development

You can learn more about our project, the topics we are exploring, and how to submit by visiting the links on the Submissions page. The Submission Guidelines document will let you know more about the length, style, and topics.

Thank you for your interest in our experiment – we hope you will join us!  Please visit the project page by clicking here.


Kristin Fontichiaro

Buffy Hamilton